Roofing and Flooring Tiles – Top Tile Trends That May Spark Your Interest

Any good looking and hard-working surface, whether it be roofing or flooring tiles, will up the value of your abode and spark the interest of potential investors or buyers.

For many, many years, tiles stood the test of time as a solid roof or floor covering.

It is easy to see why; they’re low-maintenance, durable, easy to replace and clean. That is to say if you don’t mind the dusty mess involved in chopping out the old ones.

In the past, practicality regularly outweighed aesthetics. Take flooring as an example. Neutral colors were considered a safer option in many a kitchen, bathroom, or lounge. Nowadays, a growing variety of tiles are made available for the purposes of paving, flooring, or roofing.

One is spoilt for choice concerning the variety of features, such as; shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. This fact alone made it possible for homeowners with the assistance of their selected contractors to turn their roof or floor into a decor statement.

Play Around with Patterns

Do not be afraid to experiment to your heart’s content. There are various colors and patterns to make your selection from – you can play around with shapes like diamonds and hexagons when it comes to floor tiles.

Faux Real

Thanks in part to surface textures and inkjet glazing, commonly used tiles like porcelain are made to resemble wood while the actual materials are still fire, moisture, chemical, pest, and scratch-resistant.


Tiles that resemble natural stone are increasingly sought after. These allow one to revel in the beauty of natural materials that resembles the benefits that are exclusive to tiling; homeowners get to enjoy the timber cladding effects without having to sand and seal their tiles every year.

Other lookalike tiling include metal, marble, natural stone, and textile. These have all the durable qualities of floor tiles and are more cost-effective than original materials.


When it comes to either roof or floor tiling, the texture will refer to a non-slip quality. As far as walling is concerned, texture can resemble anything from an exciting motif or a beveled edge to some grooved patterns.

Impress with scale

No doubt, size counts! Whether you opt for a smaller or larger tile on your flooring or roofing area, both of these will create a unique appearance.

However, if you are after a clean and spacious look where minimal grout lines are the order of the day, then bigger is better. Larger tiles on your floors result in fewer grout lines which also creates the illusion of more space. Grout breaks up surfaces. So the fewer tiles there are, the larger the surface would appear. Also, the tile would be much quicker to install.

No Layout Rules to Worry About

Even when you are restricted to a smaller budget, you can create an attractive visual layout with simple, yet affordable tiles that would add a visually appealing design.

Have you thought of using dark grout for showing off an impressive layout of tiles?

Then, where bathrooms are concerned, when you make use of either color or an intricate design within an enclosed space, proves to be overwhelming. However, if you add a touch of color that is set within a unique pattern, you are sure to make an impressionable impact in your bathroom area.

Ask the Roofing Companies About Tiling for Your Covering

When you are stumped for choice, just have a word with your local roofer in Frisco regarding making the right tiling options. Often, you’ll hear them praise terracotta roof tiles as the premium clay tile that comes in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes.

These are the kind of tiles that as ideally suited for any type of atmosphere due to its safe, salt, and color retaining characteristics. It provides a cooling effect during summers and upholds warmth during winters. Because of its exuberant looks, terracotta is seen as a popular choice for homeowners all around.

Furthermore, you can easily customize these to your liking as they are low on weight thanks to modern technology, and can be recycled when there is no more need for it. Should you experience any damages, they can be replaced with ease in that only the particular tile that got damaged need to be removed and substituted with another one. Why not save yourself a lot of frustration and money by speaking to the experts today.

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